Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Oct. 11, 2016 - Coffeeneuring ride no. 2

Decided to explore areas north of Pasadena along the B&A Trail.  Now, it seems the whole world knows about The Big Bean - which is a great place to stop right along the trail, and which has been visited by at least one coffeeneuerer in the past (per the communal map)

So, I decided to do something different - namely ride for about 15 minutes north on the trail and see what I might notice.  As I was starting to approach the 15 min. mark, I noticed a nice, and fairly safe connection from the train to the Marley Station Mall so I decided to give that a try.  There is a nice bicycle rack on the trail itself, plus another rack in the parking lot near the food court entrance.  Sadly, I did not bring a lock (stupid of me, I know), so I decided to just walk the bike inside the mall (the automatic doors provided additional invitation).  The food court can be best described as sad.  It's dim, claustrophobic,  and can be best described as "deep fryer alley".  No Starbucks (which, frankly, was what I was hoping for).  I settled on ordering a cappuccino from the Cafe Marley, and took it outside to drink.  This $3.00 drink was awful.  It tasted like a "fine" mixture of two parts heavy corn syrup, one part liquefied shortening - just absolutely disgusting.  What was I thinking?

I guess the thing about exploring is that sometimes you find a gem, and sometimes, not so much...

Rode a total of about 11 miles from my parents' house in Pasadena.

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