Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Oct. 18 Ride no. 3

Back home to Oak Ridge from family visit in Md.

My friend Robin (in the picture) joined me on this coffeeneuring ride to Hot Bagels - a wonderful eatery in the city-center.

The "city center" of Oak Ridge is an "L" shape region encompassing two major roads.  Both roads, sadly, are quite bicycle hostile.  The town has a plan (from  2011) to add bicycle lanes (a poor choice, I know, but it's at least something), but little has been done to make that happen.

IMHO that area should be avoided by all but the most experienced road cyclists, and should not be attempted during times of heavy traffic, bad weather, or poor visibility.

There is an official "East to West" bicycle route that parallels one of the legs of the "L" - but again,  that route should only be attempted by the most-experienced road cyclists, as it has a number of design flaws (not to mention poor pavement and the ever-popular acute-angle rail crossing) - making that route fairly dangerous for cyclists.  Sadly a large percentage of retailers and service providers, including our destination,  are fairly inconvenient to this route.

Having said that - the owners of this shop are very much "bicycle people", so a stop over there is a must, assuming you can do so safely.  Until recently it was one of only two eateries in town (at least as far as I noticed) that had bothered with a bicycle rack. Today the rack was missing...

Their bagels are on-par with New York City's best (I used to work at Zaro's in The Bronx).  The coffee is good, and the espresso is excellent.  

We rode about 12 miles (round trip).

Here's a photo from a month ago with (the now missing) bike rack.

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