Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ride no. 4 - actually took place last Wed. Oct. 19th

Perhaps not in the spirit of coffeeneuring, but hopefully following the letter of the rules... Had to run several errands in town (about 20 miles or so), and stopped for an iced-tea at Razzleberry's, and viola - a coffeeneuring run...

Ruzzleberries is a wonderful little eclectic establishment.  They serve breakfast some days (including Saturday Mornings, which coincides with the farmer's market across the street).  Lunch is serves almost every day, and dinner one or two nights per week.  They also have wonderful ice-cream selection, and a nice little deli, with all sorts of interesting European items.  Coffee is available at breakfast time, and I'm assuming at lunch as well.

The location is very convenient to the "official"  "cross-Oak-Ride" bicycle route (see my previous comments about that route on Oct. 18).  While there are no bicycle lanes or paths anywhere nearby, the streets around there are relatively low on traffic with relatively low speed limits, and the climbs are not all that bad...

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