Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ride no. 5 - Oct. 26
Needing to attend a meeting in town, so I chose to ride my bike (only one-way this time) and stop for a coffee beforehand.

My choice:  Mediterranean Delights.  This establishment is a hidden (yes, literally) gem.  Its main focus is Middle Eastern "fast food" takeout (Fallaffel,  Shuwarma, etc)  they make an authentic Turkish Coffee and have a few sweets (Baklava, Date Cookies) available.

Getting there by bicycle can be a tad of a challenge.  If one is coming from the Oak-Ridge East-to-West "official" bike route.  Then one has to "loop around" the hospital and then cross  Oak Ridge Turnpike, an extremely bicycle hostile thoroughfare.  Riders arriving from points South (i.e. Emory Valley area / the community college will find a slightly better situation with relatively quiet streets, but again, absolutely no bike lanes or paths anywhere near.

I regret that I forgot to snap a picture when my coffee and cookie arrived (I was in the middle of a phone call, and mindlessly proceeded to devour my goodies).  Hope that the photo of the mostly empty cup and the empty tray will suffice for coffeeneuring requirements.  If not, I'll go back in a heartbeat.

Total miles - about six.

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