Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ride No. 7 Nov. 2nd.

Yay... I did it... met my coffeeneuring challenge - now it's time to loose some of the weight I must have gained from all those goodies  :-)

Again, decided to combine a trip into town with a coffeeneuring stop.  This time it was Dean's Market - one of very few eateries in Oak Ridge (I only counted two) that have a bicycle rack in front  (and as reported previously, one appears to have been stolen)...

This establishment contains two parts - a very nice "comfort food" restaurant that is very popular, has great food and very fair prices, and a smaller "market" which resembles a small bakery.  A few outdoor tables to accommodate pet owners, and sweaty cyclists would have been a good addition....

I ordered a fried coconut cream pie and a cup of coffee, and took my prize to the little garden on the south side of the plaza - so technically this is a coffee shop without walls entry...

Dean's is located int he same plaza as Ruzzleberries (see earlier post).  The locating is a block away from the "official Cross-Town Bike Route" (see earlier posts).   The area has relatively low car traffic,
but otherwise no facilities for cyclists.  An experienced and careful road cyclists should be OK getting there.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ride no. 6 - Nov. 1
Rode for some pie and a cup of coffee at Jefferson Fountain.  This establishment is an absolute gem - an old school cafe (diner for  us"northerners") serving wonderful food, ice cream, desert, and no-nonsense freshly brewed coffee.

The establishment is located right along the Cross-Oak-Ridge Bicycle Route (see previous blog for description).  It is also a stone's throw from the western half of Oak Ridge Turnpike, which, with its bicycle lane is popular with more experienced road cyclists.  Thus an experienced and cautions road cyclist should have little difficulty in getting there.

Another advantage is that the cafe is right next door to Oak Ridge's finest (and only) bicycle shop - whose owner will probably not mind cyclists using the bicycle shop's rack to secure their ride - especially if they make a point to pop in, say hi, and stock up on an essential or two... :-)

My goal plan was to order an "immigrant special", but apple pie was not available.  So I asked the server to surprise me, and surprised I was. I was served a "chess pie".  I had no idea what this was - but gosh was it delicious.   It was only AFTER I devoured the whole thing (remembering to snap a photo after the first bite) that I looked up the ingredients and calorie count (no, there was no lettuce nor celery involved) :-) 

Total miles - about 7 - not enough to burn the 450 calories, but such is life...